Steps to set Fonts on your HP Printer

HP Printer is a most convenient and reliable printer available for the users. It always gives the neat and clean printing facility but sometimes we want to format our text in our style as we desired. Formatting is not printer dependent; you must be able to produce or manufacture PDFs which will able to maintain the format in your text. There is the number of fonts already installed within the new hp printer, or you can able to install new font into your PC, if these fonts do not satisfy your printing desire font. The different font which you put on your hp printer is depending on your printer’s memory. There is a font language knows as PCL which is supported by all hp printer. It is very easy to copy new font anytime in your hp printer if you want your own. But in case you face any problem you can directly take help of our third party support HP Printer Customer Service experts.

set font on your hp printer

There are some steps which you need to follow to set Fonts on your hp printer:

  • First of all Install or download the font which you want to put onto your hp printer. For this you can use the free of charge sites or can purchase a CD of extra effective fonts.
  • Then on your PC click on Start menu
  • Open the Accessories Folder
  • Now Click on Run option.
  • Than within command box type edit to drag up the DOCS editor
  • Now within window of editor pull down the file menu and click on Open option.
  • Then move to the folder where font file is saved and double-click the font file to open it. The file can be seem within the editor window
  • Allocate a font ID to font file. After doing this, press Ctrl+P whereas the indicator is at C. prompt, set free each keys. (ESC) will display on your screen.
  • Here copy document to hp printer and to repeat file or document from the computer to printer you have to enter COPY/B LPT1 within the editor, substitution with the filename font to do again the font to the local HP printer device
  • It is essential to mark the font as permanent only if you want it to stay on your hp printer. Now to make it permanent press Ctrl + P and eliminating to form ‘[Esc]*’ image seen
  • Now type ‘c5F’ and press ‘Enter’. If you not mark the font as permanent, it will be deleted upon later bring up hp printer

By following steps you will be able to set Font on your hp printer according to your choice. If still you face any kind of issue regarding this, so directly call our HP Printer Contact number 0800 098 8771 and get instant support anytime, we are 24/7 here to solve all your HP Printer issues


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