Common Issues of Hp Multi-function Printer and its Solutions

Printer is an integral part of everyone’s life and so is the case with Hp printer. A Hp multi function printer is widely used by users and it is because of its high end printing quality and best components. Even though Hp multi function printer is the best printer that exists there can be few problem associated with it. To all such problems easy help can be obtained by HP Customer Service Number. Some of the Hp printer issues can be:

printer problems

  • Printer gets paper jams problem – There are times when user face problem of paper jams and paper not loading into printer these are often caused due to improper placement of the paper in the printer paper tray. To eliminate these problems it is very important that user learn the way of putting paper on its tray. Other than this it is equally essential that you take well care of the quality of paper you are using for printing activities. It must be plain and should not tear by any means. Also to carry out effective printing task it is important that paper do not fold.

  • Ghosting – Ghost as the term suggest is the unclear printing. There are times when user gives the printing instruction but the printer printing is so light that you are unable to see it clearly. This can be the case with the normal writing printing or even with photos or images. Whenever you get such problems it is clear that the printer is not taking any ink from the ink cartridges or the ink has been finished in the cartridges at such moment you must check where the ink cartridges is properly connected or not also make sure that it s filled with the right amount ink required to execute the printing task. Wrong placement of ink cartridges can also be a reason for improper printing.

  • Toner doesn’t stay on paper – There can also be several issues associated with printer toner that are creating hindrance in normal printing in such cases you must make sure that you are using high quality toner, right paper and appropriate ink cartridges that are properly placed and filled to print properly.

  • Printer doesn’t find driver – Often printer do not get the right device to execute printing, this can be due to several instructions given to the printer or if more than one device is connected to the printer. For elimination of this problem it is essential that you check the connected driver before actually giving the printing instruction to the printer. printer issue
  • Even though it is possible to eliminate all types of printer problem with proper steps but if a user is unable to understand anything and need easy help they can obtain it from HP Customer Service Number.



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