How to disassemble hp deskjet printer

hp-printer-support-number-9HP Printers are very precise and reliable which are widely used across the whole world. These printers are fully functional printers which is very helpful for its users. Your HP DeskJet collection printer has an extensive range of internal components that may work out in the course of the lifestyles of the system. Whether a specific faulty element needs to be swapped out otherwise you simply need to see how the printer works, there are many reasons why you might need to disassemble the unit. Completely taking aside a DeskJet printer is a fairly complex process, but it should not show too tough for anyone with simple revel in taking aside computers or electronics devices. HP printer support number UK helps you in managing your printer and resolves your every issue.

Following are the given few commands that you must observe:

  • Lift up the top plastic cover of your DeskJet printer and wait for some time for the ink cartridge carriage to slide out from the left aspect.
  • Pull up the covers of 2 ink cartridges and get rid of the ink cartridges.
  • Stay the top cover open and unplug the power cable of your printer.
  • Now you may disconnect the USB cable. Discover the 4 locking screws at the top-left and top-right sides of your DeskJet printer.
  • Remove the all screws with a hex screwdriver and pull the top 1/2 of the case off your printer.
  • Take away the screw on the left side of the button Control Panel and pull the panel off the printer.
  • Discover the thin, green plastic ink absorber at the lowest of the case of printer.
  • Pull the absorber in the direction of you and lift it out of it.
  • Take away the screw protecting the printed circuit board in area at the right side of your printer.
  • Pull out the circuit board from the printer.
  • Take away the screws on the left and right ends of the ink carriage and pull the carriage out of the printer.
  • Flip the printer around so the back end is dealing with you.
  • You may push in the visible plastic latches and pull apart the top and bottom halves of the plastic casing and end disassembling the HP DeskJet printer.

Therefore, you can easily manage your printer by observing the above commands. If you have any query with related to this then you can contact to HP printer support number 0800 098 8771 to get the best solution to solve your Problem at anytime.


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