Method to Clean an HP LaserJet Printer

hp-printer-contact-number-10The LaserJet printers of HP (Hewlett Packard) are reasonably a common printer version in homes and workplaces. Like all other printers, this kind of printers needs cleaning in both internal and external side. Unlike inkjet and dot-matrix printers, however, cleaning those laser printers isn’t always as easy as urgent a “Clean Ink” button at the main panel of printer. As an alternative, there is an application on the website of HP which provides you the guidance to properly clean the printer.

It is a great idea to clean your printer approximately once in a month, or when it starts to expose signs of a dirty print head. These signs and symptoms encompass ink filling inside the areas in letters, and faint lines acting inside the margins of printed pages. Clean your printer more frequently if it receives heavy use. HP printer contact number UK provides you some instructions to clean your printer properly.

Here are the given some measures that you need to follow in order to clean your LaserJet printers:

  • By using a slightly wet cloth, you may clean the outside of your printer. Do not use that cloth on the inner of the printer.
  • Open the cover of your printer and remove the toner cartridge. The usage of a dry, lint-free cloth, clean all the interior surfaces.
  • From the website of HP, you may download and install the HP Laserjet cleaning utility. Installation merely need for copying the documents onto your hard drive.
  • As soon as the files had been copied, open HPPCLEAN.exe.
  • Select the choice of “Clean” from the main menu. This could carry up the “Print” display screen. Select your version of printer.
  • Choose the number of cleaning pages to print. The default wide variety is 3; extremely dirty printers might also require everywhere from 6 to 20 pages to very well easy them.
  • If you have been cleaning the printer frequently, three pages have to be enough.
  • If prints are rising extraordinarily smudged, with the spaces in letters filled with ink and lines appearing inside the margins of the paper, pick 10 or greater pages. If doubtful, pick more cleaning pages — the printer will no longer be harmed by excess prints.
  • Click on “OK”. The printer will cycle through the cleansing procedure by means of printing several extraordinary patterns on one or more sheets of paper.
  • The styles clean the fuser and print head as they are printed. When the procedure is complete dispose of the pages within the recycle bin.
  • Then print a test page to certify that the printer is working properly again.
  • If prints are still blurred, then run the cleaning cycle again.

If you have any problem in every step of this process then you can consult to HP printer contact number 0800 098 8771 to get the solution of your every problem at anytime.


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