Print on a fabric with your HP Printer

HP Printers are the most reliable and precise printers in the whole world. It is widely used printers due to its brilliant printing quality. These printers are very easy to use because of their convenience. HP Photosmart printers are uniquely designed to print top quality pictures and graphics on each image paper and inkjet printer paper. Photosmart printers are also ready to print directly onto fabric, providing a way for people, businesses and organizations to make and turn out custom fabric styles. Pre-made inkjet material sheets are purchased at craft, material and workplace provide stores. The pre-made material sheets are designed to meet up with the printer without any jam. If you need to print on a fabric then you are able to do this with your photosmart printer. HP printer support UK provides you the instructions and measures to print on a fabric.


Following are the given some measures that you must follow in order to print on a fabric with your printer:

  • At first, turn on your Photosmart printer and then turn on the connected pc.
  • Certify that the both the machines are connected safely by a cable.
  • Now open the image or text which you want to print.
  • When you have got created the design the dimensions you need, then click on the option of “File” at the highest of the interface.
  • Choose the option “Print” and so choose “Properties”.
  • Visit to the “Print Quality” in the properties menu and then choose the option of “Best”.
  • Below the option of “Paper Type” choose “Plain Paper”.
  • Now click on “OK” to just accept the properties settings.
  • Remove any regular paper from the device receptacle in your printer.
  • Place a one sheet of fabric within the feed receptacle of your printer, ensuring the paper guides are properly adjusted.
  • Click on “OK” within the print window on your pc and begin the print process.
  • Now wait for the ink on the sheet of fabric to dry utterly before removing the paper sheet back.
  • See the sheet package of fabric to check if the material has to be rinsed before it is handled or used.

Hence, you can successfully print on a fabric. If you have any problem in the given steps or you may have any other problem with related to your HP Printer then you must contact to HP customer service number 0800 098 8771 to get the instant and best solution of your every problem at anytime.


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